3D Work

Bally Shoes
Inspired by my dads favorite pair of shoes.
Programs used: Maya, Substance Painter/Designer, rendered with Arnold

4 month in class study of Houdini's pyro features. I used this study to experiment with the various turbulence nodes in Houdini and familiarize myself with pyro shading in Mantra.
Programs used: Houdini, rendered with Mantra

Organic modeling/ surfacing from photo reference.
Programs used: Maya, Photoshop, rendered with Arnold


2D Work

Haquiems Char Sui
Environmental concept art assignment. A multi cultural village lies nestled in a steep crag, its inhabitants sheltered from the hot sun above.
Programs used: Photoshop


Rice Farmers
Mat painting and photo manipulation assignment.
Programs used: Photoshop

Highlights from a short 2d animation, link to full animation below
Programs used: Photoshop, After Effects

Hormones Of The Gastrointestinal Tract
Highlights from a Class internship project. Client- Kapiolani Community College Food Science department, Supervisor- Sunyeen Pai.
On the right is an example of some of the functions I built into Gastrins rig.

Programs used: Illustrator, After Effects
Responsible for: character intro design, character intro animations and effects, design of Gastrin, rig for Gastrin, all of Gastrin related animations and effects.

You can watch the full animation here.



Conventional Mediums

Frayed Wire
I found the way the fraying wire mimics the forms of the grass and weeds to be a great juxtaposition and a wonderful ilustration of how forms break down and return to nature.
Mediums: Silver gelatin print

Beast Mode
Custom key cap For MX style keyboard switches. Original design and model by Jessy Thompson.
Mediums: Pressure cast Urethane Resin, acrylic paint

Made as a product for Gnarwahles Toy co. Original design by Jessy Thompson To learn more about my business and casting experience click the link below.