I co-manage a small toy company called Gnarwhales Toy Company. It specializes in limited run hand crafted miniatures. Currently our focus as been on artisan key caps fitted for MX style keyboards. We produce our own designs but often work with outside artists to create fun new products.

Our process starts with a 3D printed master figure, a mold is made and pieces are pressure casted in (usually urethane) resin.  The finished piece is then surfaced, painted and has additional parts assembled.

I have functioned as primary mold maker and painter on all our projects in addition to running our  online storefront.


My hands preparing a Beast mod Keycap for molding


Beast mode Keycap (original design and model Jessy Thompson) Commissioned for the prize pool of Hawaii Hackathon hosted by Dev League.

Give our  Etsy shop a look with the link below.